A calm wind found us lazing about Masons Island until late morning when we cast off under motor and again positioned ourself just off the beach for when the south wind filled in.  At first it was hardly enough to move smoke, but Elvee under full main and Genoa moved along at an average of one kilometre per hour.
(Left) One KPH off Masons Island with Round Island in the distance
Before long the wind steadied from the southwest and was a perfect to use the genoa and main all the way into the marina.  This part of the bay is famous for the Oak Island pirates treasure that is still searched for to this day.
Pirate gold!  Oak Island on the port side as we sail past.
Oak Island Resort and Marina.
Once moored in the marina, we rowed ashore in Elf and spent the next two nights swimming in the two pools, soaking in the hot tub or sweating in the sauna.  The dining room was very good and there was live music each night in the bar.
Day Four:  Spent ashore at Oak Island Resort
Day Five:

Return home to Mahone Harbour.
Our return home went pretty well,  The wind was mostly north to start, which gave us a run to almost Round Island where the wind became gusty and shifty.  Not too strong, just hard to tack through because of the sudden shifts from north east to north west to even west for a minute or two.  It was near the red buoy (on chart above) just past Round Island that we cut it too close and our centreboard hit a submerged reef three times.  Lots of noise but no damage as we just sailed off almost as soon as we sailed on.  We never hit the hull so all is good.  You know what they say about sailing in Mahone Bay, if you’ve never been aground you either haven’t sailed here much or you’re lying.  Well, it wasn’t our first time touching bottom and likely won’t be our last.  In a small light sailboat with a swing keel it isn’t usually a big deal.

Near Andrews Island Matt Singer sailed out in his open boat to meet us so we sailed in company into the harbour.  Near the mooring field we dropped sail as the shifty stuff was too risky for us to try to pick up the mooring under sail, but Matt in the lighter smaller boat did a great job tacking through the boats and picking up his mooring under sail.
We didn’t get to all the places where we wanted to anchor, and with the cool season starting we will soon enjoy the winter’s fireplace looking over charts of the Bay for next year.  We do hope to get one more overnight aboard before we haul out for the winter.

Click on the photo below to see a six minute video of our adventure.